Traffic Violations Attorneys Concord NC

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Traffic violations are so common that if you have been driving for very long you no doubt have had to deal with a traffic ticket. In most cases people simply pay the ticket, but this can be an enormous mistake in light of the consequences it can have for your driving record and your insurance premiums. According to the Department of Motor Vehicles website:

If you’ve recently received a traffic ticket, you may face more than fines and an appearance in traffic court. Depending on the violation that caused the ticket and the court handling the citation, you may face:

  • Action against your driver’s license.
  • Points on your driving record.
  • Traffic court requirements.
  • Increased car insurance rates.
  • Mandatory traffic school or defensive driving.

Even when the situation looks cut and dry and you don’t see how to fight the ticket, you should speak with one of our traffic violations attorneys who can advise you of strategies that could help you. Paying the ticket is equivalent to admitting guilt, and if you do you will lose points on your driver’s license and your insurance rate is likely to increase. More often than not both of these penalties can be avoided with an experienced traffic violation attorney.

Traffic violations are categorized as either moving violations or non-moving violations. Some examples of these would be–

Moving violations:

  1. Speeding
  2. Reckless driving
  3. Driving without a seat belt
  4. Running a red light or a stop sign
  5. Failure to use turn signal
  6. DWI/DUI
  7. No liability insurance
  8. Illegal passing

Non-moving violations:

  1. Parking in a handicapped zone
  2. Illegal parking
  3. Having a missing license plate

Penalties For Traffic Violations

The majority of traffic violations are categorized as infractions, with penalties costing up to $500. However, more serious offenses can include much higher fines and/or imprisonment. Certain traffic violations such as driving with a suspended license or driving without a valid license or without liability insurance can incur serious penalties and it’s important to seek legal representation in order to mitigate any criminal and administrative penalties you are facing.

So if you are faced with a traffic violation you can consult with one of our experienced traffic violation attorneys at PRP Law Offices. It may be that we can get the violation dropped or at least reduced to a much lesser citation.